Sectors of Activity

Food Market (Major groceries and small scale producers)
The spearhead of the company! With hundreds of customers across Canada, Berco Labels offers the best services in the industry and the greatest variety of products available. Whatever your production and marketing conditions, we can guide you toward the best solutions to optimize your products.

Manufacturing Industry (Chemical and Industrial Products)
This is a very diversified market, which demands reliable and efficient products, which perform well in the worst usage and handling conditions. Berco Labels offers the best choice in specialized labels that will work in the most difficult environment: oily surfaces, resistance to ultraviolet light, impermeability, and any other special requirements.

Beauty and Health Products Market
Creativity and quality are of the utmost importance. A customer who purchases a cosmetic product is very selective and demanding. This is why we have the capability of offering a large selection of die cuts to adapt and fit all the different types of containers, maximizing the visual beauty and attractiveness of the packaging.

Wine and Spirits Market
This is an industry where brand and prestige are of paramount importance. We distinguish ourselves with a wide range of technological materials to enhance our products: mat, gloss and textured finishes, a very wide range of ink colors, metalized papers, vinyl, polyester, water resistant papers, etc.

Horticulture and Plant Nursery Market
This industry offers the challenge of a warm, humid environment, which requires specialized products, which will perform well in these variable conditions. Label identification of the plants and products in hot houses or nurseries is indispensable. Labels are used to mark cuttings, young plants, old plants, pots, etc. Ask about our many products for this industry.